Three-Axis Horizontal Screen

The three-axis horizontal screen is installed horizontally. The screening machine uses three sets of vibrators as excitation sources, and the motion trajectory of any point on the screening box is a linear ellipse. The material moves in a linear ellipse on the screening surface.

Three-axis horizontal screen is suitable for dry and wet screening of coal, mining, and sand and gravel aggregates. It combines the advantages of circular vibrating screen that loose materials are not easily blocked, and linear vibrating screen that transports materials quickly and has a low center of gravity.


Working principle

The three-axis horizontal screen is composed of screen frame, spring, bottom frame, exciter, transmission device, motor, screen mesh, etc

When the three-axis horizontal screen is working, the power is transmitted from the motor through a triangular belt to the driving shaft and gear vibrator of the exciter (with a speed ratio of 1), achieving the rotation of the three shafts at the same speed, generating excitation force. The exciter is connected to the screen box with high-strength bolts, resulting in elliptical motion.


The material moves in a high-speed elliptical motion on the screen surface, quickly layering, passing through the screen, and moving forward to complete the classification of the material.


1.Small footprint, compact structure, and a processing capacity 70% higher than that of the same model of vibrating screen.
2.The vibration amplitude, frequency, and direction angle can be adjusted according to different needs.
3.The running trajectory of the screening machine is elliptical, with smooth movement and low power consumption.
4.The material screening is smooth, not easy to block holes, and has good screening performance.


Model Screen Area(㎡) Screen layers Screen Aperture (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Excitation Force (KN) Weight (kg) Overall Size(mm)
1848 8.64 2 5-50 50-400 22 35 5000 5900X3100X1700
1848 8.64 3 5-50 50-400 22 40 6000 5900X3100X2000
1860 10.8 2 5-50 50-400 22 40 6000 7100X3100X1700
1860 10.8 3 5-50 50-400 30 45 7000 7100X3100X2000
2060 12.6 2 5-50 50-600 30 50 8000 7100X3300X1700
2060 12.6 3 5-50 50-600 30 60 9000 7100X3300X2000
2460 14.4 2 5-50 100-700 30 60 9000 7100X3700X1800
2460 14.4 3 5-50 100-700 37 70 11000 7100X3800X2100
2760 16.2 2 5-50 100-800 37 70 11000 7100X4300X2000
2760 16.2 3 5-50 100-800 45 80 13000 7100X4400X2300
3060 18 2 5-50 100-900 55 80 13000 7100X4600X2200

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