Mobile fine sand recovery equipment price related factors

Longzhong mobile fine sand recycling machine is a kind of integrated fine sand recovery unit which can move freely. It is more popular with the users and affirmation in construction, chemical industry, building material, highway, water conservancy, environmental protection and other fields. The detailed analysis is as follows:

Equipment configuration; Generally speaking, mobile fine sand recovery equipment is made up of vibrating screen, conveyor belt and feeder, and can be selected freely according to need. But for different configuration, its cost is unequal, so the price will also have big difference naturally.

Parameter size; The technical parameters of the mobile fine sand recovery equipment of the same configuration can be very different, for example, there are many models for the wheeled mobile fine sand recovery equipment. These different types of equipment handling capacity, transportation length and so on are different, so the price difference will also manifest.

Factory strength; Different manufacturer strength, technical level, production strength and so on, the production cost of the same type of equipment will be different, and the price is different.

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