Kuwaiti Customers Visited LZZG and Inspected the Products


On 12 June, Kuwaiti customers visited Lonza to conduct on-site inspection of the complete set of sand washing equipment purchased and confirm the details of overseas transport, and Lonza’s relevant staff received and accompanied the customers to complete the inspection of the products.


Hourly output: 200t/h

Processing technology: sand washing at the front end and sewage treatment at the back end.

Main products: trommel screen, wheel sand washer, attrition scrubbers, screw sand washer, fine sand recycling machine, gravity thickener, automatic dosing device.

Others: sewage transfer tank, belt conveyor, electric control cabinet cable, central control room, steel base, pipeline and so on.

Kuwaiti customers in the production workshop on the products to be delivered for strict inspection, the site after a number of performance tests, our products in line with the technical agreement signed with the Kuwaiti customers and product factory requirements, the successful completion of the equipment inspection, as well as to confirm the delivery process.


During the process, staff of Lonza patiently answered all the questions of the customer, and the Kuwaiti customer was very satisfied with the reception and highly praised Lonza’s manufacturing process and excellent quality.

The success of the Kuwaiti customer’s inspection is another important progress of Longzhong Heavy Industry’s products in Kuwaiti market. Longzhong will follow the national “One Belt, One Road” initiative to expand the overseas market, and establish a good reputation in the domestic and overseas markets by virtue of good product quality and excellent service.



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