Potash feldspar


1.Material introduction
K-feldspar is monoclinic, usually red, yellow, white, etc.. Density 2.54-2.57g/cm3, specific gravity 2.56~2.59, hardness 6, its theoretical component is SiO2 64.7%Al2O3, K2O 16.9%. It has a low melting point (1150 + – 20 DEG C), melting interval length, high melt viscosity, widely used in the industrial sector, ceramic ceramic glaze, glass, ceramics, abrasive materials and preparation for potash fertilizer. In addition to orthoclase, there are two polymorphic variants: sanidine and microcline.

In addition to feldspar as glass industrial raw materials (the total dosage of 50-60%), in the ceramic industry accounted for 30% of the remaining amount, used in chemical, glass, ceramic flux ingredients, ceramic glaze, enamel materials, abrasives, glass fiber, welding and other industries. Mainly used in glass, ceramics, also can be used to produce fertilizer, better quality of potassium feldspar for the manufacture of television picture glass etc..

2.Particle size range
K2O Al2O3 6SiO2, potassium feldspar: K2O 9.55%, Al2O3 16%, SiO2 70%, 2.56g/cm 3 density, Mohs hardness of 6 (belong to four levels (soft, hard, and very hard) in the “hard”), monoclinic, color white, red and white, the melting point of 1290 C.

3.Available equipment
Potassium feldspar raw material – hand – crushing – grinding – Classification – dehydration – finished products, the process applies to low iron content, good quality raw materials. The type of pre crushing and fine crushing machine, in order to prevent the pollution of potassium feldspar processing iron so, turbine, pebble mill or the mine equipment for grinding porcelain ball mill in the selection, since the mill such as laminated superfine grinding equipment, using spiral classifier to ensure product size. Process is simple, less investment, the shortcomings of the process is the product iron content indicators difficult to meet the requirements of high-quality ceramic products. In order to overcome the shortcomings of the process, increase the magnetic separation process, practice has proved that the selection of wet high gradient magnetic separator iron removal effect is good, iron removal efficiency of 70%-90%.

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