The production site of sand recycling machine


In order to reduce the dust pollution to the environment, the vast majority of users use wet process to produce. The only difference between the wet process and the dry process is that the sand washing machine with cleaning function is used in the production line. Although the sand washing machine can remove dirt and impurities such as sand powder in raw materials, but also result in the material of sand (0.16mm particles) serious loss. Some production lines or even a loss of more than 30%, this will seriously affect the grain of sand ratio, fineness modulus caused by too large, thereby greatly reducing the product quality; and the excess emissions of fine sand, but also cause serious pollution to the environment.

Sand recycling machine is the absorption of foreign advanced technology, fine material and combined with the actual use of most of the domestic washing sand, sand production line and the design of the advanced level of extraction device, can be widely used in the large-scale infrastructure construction aggregate processing, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand washing sand production line, coal preparation coarse slime recovery, environmental protection engineering industries such as sand mud purification recovery work, can effectively solve the problem of the loss of fine particles.

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