What are the requirements of limestone milling equipment?


Raymond mill is currently the most commonly used limestone in the process of grinding equipment and other milling equipment it has incomparable advantages in structure, performance and price, better grinding effect on limestone.

1, advanced structure: Raymond mill main structure of grinding roller and grinding ring, reducer, liner, vertical structure design, reduce the area of weight is greatly reduced, easy operation, convenient maintenance.
2, the quality of excellence: the use of advanced manufacturing technology, the use of all components of the most high-end materials to build, corrosion resistant, easy to fail, more durable wear.
3, the cost is too low: set the energy-saving motor device, in the other conditions unchanged, the manufacturing cost is greatly reduced, for the processing plant to save more than 80 thousand yuan of manpower, material resources investment.
4, price: Raymond mill is a homegrown type equipment of our company representative, under the premise of ensuring optimal quality, the manufacturing cost is only 1/3 of the same type of equipment, so the price is low, the high rate of return.

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