What is the cleaning method of fine sand recycling machine?


Fine sand recovery machine should be maintained regularly, so that the recovery efficiency of fine sand recovery machine can be improved rapidly. some cleaning methods of several fine sand recycling machines are provided for you in the long time:

The way of wiping. Place the parts of the fine sand recovery machine in a cleaning container, wipe with cotton yarn, or wash with a brush. This kind of wiping is simple and convenient, but the operation efficiency is low. It is usually suitable for cleaning the equipment parts of small fine sand recycling machine.

The way of spray cleaning. For parts with simple shape and severe oil scale, we usually use spray washing. When operating, the cleaning fluid with certain pressure and temperature is sprayed to the surface of the fine sand recovery machine parts to achieve the purpose of removing the oil. This kind of spray washing method has high cleanliness.

The way of boiling water cleaning. The parts of sand washing machine are cleaned by boiling water. First, remove the cleaning parts from the fine sand recovery equipment, then put the prepared solution and the parts together in the clear water tank, and then warm it to 80-90 degrees and clean for 3 to 5 minutes.

The fine sand recovery machine is often exposed to silt and air, which is very wearable to equipment, so it needs to be cleaned regularly to improve the working efficiency of fine sand recovery machine.

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