Silica Scrubbing Machine

LZZG silica scrubbing machine adopts efficient impeller design to control turbulence, so as to realize effective attrition scrubbing. It tries its best to remove surface films, coatings, or slimes without reducing the particle size. The incoming materials are washed for many times to provide the best washing effect, which can fully improve the product values and increase the recovery of viable product.

LZZG silica scrubbing machine is mainly used for glass sand, fracturing sand, ore, clay, iron ore and other products with high requirements for color and turbidity.

Working principle

During operation, the mixed materials first enter the scrubbing unit for full friction and washing, and the two opposed shaft mounted turbine impellers produce opposite slurry flow to provide the impact of high particles on particles. The ideal solid concentration is 70% to 80%, depending on the mineral. The friction unit can be connected in series with multiple units according to the material characteristics.


The overflow materials after scrubbing enter the impeller sand washer for re cleaning, and the washed clean materials enter the dehydration area for dehydration. Usually, we also use hydrocyclones to recover the fine materials in the overflow to maximize the benefits.


1. Simple equipment structure and small floor area;
2. Efficient impeller design, high washing efficiency;
3. Multiple cleaning, good product turbidity and high product quality;
4. Use the interaction between particles to scrub and decompose mud and reduce equipment wear;
5. Maximize the recovery rate.


Model Capacity (t/h) Attrition Scrubber Impeller Size (mm) Screen Panel (mm) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Overall Size (mm)
GX50 30-60 CX1.5 2512 1530 42.5 9860 8320X3200X3560
GX100 60-100 CX3 2516 1842 68.5 13450 9540X3520X3860
GX150 100-150 CX2-2 3020 2442 96.5 18780 8850X4250X4660
GX200 150-200 CX2.5-2 3024 3048 123 23560 9860X4800X5200
GX250 200-250 CX3-2 3030 3660 163 28800 11360X5820X5400

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