Our engineets have summary the Performance features of Jaw Crusher


When you want to choose a jaw crusher,you need to learn more about the crusher,Lately,the engineets of luoyang LZZG have summary the below for everyone to understand the equipment:

1. The grain size of charge is big, the breaking ratio is big. the productivity is high.
2. The operation is stable and reliable,fixed with over-loading protective device.
3. The energe consumption is low, the throwaway parts are little,the maintenance cost is low.
4. The adjusting parts are reinforced emphatically. and precisi on working, reduce the frequency of rapair.
5. The bearing part adopts multilayer labyrinth craft, to prolong the operating life of the bearing.
6. Adopt the way of mould lubrication, the maintenance work is quicker and more convenient.
7. The pulley adopts new craft and to be locked tensely, connects without keys, the maintenance is more convenient.

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