The common failure and solution about multi-function sand washer


Multi-function sand washer is made up of XSD series sand washing machine, LSX series screw sand washing machine and sand washing machine, which is researched and produced Luoyang LZZG on the base of abundant experience of producing sand washer machines. Multi-function sand washer has many characteristics, such as high final product rate, remarkable economic benefits and environmental protection and so on, so it is popular with customers. However, there are many problems in the processing of using multi-function sand washer. Luoyang LZZG will introduce common failure and solutions.

1.The reason about losing sand and the amount of washing sand lowly of multi-function sand washer is that sand net is damaged or bolts fasten sand net fall off. The solution is to check and maintain or change sand net or fasten bolts.
2.The reason about vibrating from machine frame is that connecting rack bolts or bearing bolts become less crowded. The solution is to check and maintain or change bolt or fasten bolts.
3.the reason about gear easily to damage is that gear has ‘t been maintained or the depth of parallelism between multi-function sand washer and reduction gear can’t meet the standard. The solution is to refuel timely and adjust them in order to meet the standard.
4.The reason about the large noise of transmission part is that lubrication of gear is too low or the gap of gears changed. The solution is to add lubrication grease or adjust and fasten reduction machine bolts.
5.The reason about wearing parts of bearing is that sealing ring is damaged or short of maintaining and cleaning. The solution is add fuel or change sealing ring and clean regularly.

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