27th Dec 2017

To build a brand by quality in LZZG

With the continuous development of the domestic economy, the state has paid more and more attention to the brand awareness. For an enterprise, its market competitiveness is based on the influence of t…

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21th Dec 2017

Longzhong fine sand recycling machine can reduce environmental pollution

The fine sand recycling machine is widely used in mining industry and construction industry, which can effectively recycle the lost sand and solve the problem of fine sand loss. Longzhong heavy indust…

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18th Dec 2017

New type of quartz sand recycling machine performance upgrade

New quartz sand recycling machine has the function of washing and screen, eliminates the complex installation, at the same time saves material input in the mining industry production and reduces consu…

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13th Dec 2017

The process of artificial sand production line

Most of the sand now comes from artificial sand production lines, so how does sand work? Firstly, the vibrating feeder can supply the ore material evenly to other crushing equipment. Secondly, the bel…

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9th Dec 2017

how does a sand washing machine work normally

When using a fine sand recycling machine, if there are many wrong operation behaviors, it will affect the normal use of fine sand recycling machine. Most of the fine sand recycling machine fault has a…

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8th Dec 2017

The screen maintence of Dewatering screen

Screen is an important part of dehydrating screen, so screen is very important for dewatering screen. Screen is a vulnerable part. There are many reasons for the screen damage, such as the problem of …

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